Two Facebook groups have been rocking the internet-boat over the past couple of weeks with their contributions to spring 2014's biggest trend - Stranger Shaming.
There's a reason why there isn't a show called Women V Food because you're conditioned to hog, eat competitively and scoff. We're conditioned to watch what we eat, consider low-fat options and watch our figures. We do consider it a violation in a public place that someone has caught us at a vulnerable moment and decided to broadcast it.
So, it turns out surreptitiously photographing women eating on the London Underground is something of a misunderstood art
UPDATE Ladies, Let's Do Lunch: Backlash Begins Against Women Who Eat On Tubes Facebook Group A Facebook group dedicated to
I'm a member of divisive Facebook Group Women Who Eat On Tubes. I joined because I didn't like what I saw. If you've read enough on the subject, or need to alphabetise your dried herbs, you're excused.