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A Twitter challenge that puts the male gaze in reverse has become delightfully feminist.
The internationally-acclaimed Australian author Colleen McCullough has passed away aged 77. Best known for her second novel
In September 1994 Elizabeth Wurtzel's first book Prozac Nation was published and a new era of confessional-style memoir was born. Further than that, Elizabeth's frank and unsympathetic portrayal of her battles with depression was revolutionary in a way that now, even 20 years later, we're still getting used to...
The popularity of women's memoirs is booming. Women from all walks of life are finding that memoirs are a way of communicating, shedding light on experiences that would go unnoticed, hidden in a world dominated by men and male preferences.
Trista Hendren is a feminist activist who co-founded Rapebook, a Facebook page set up to campaign against rape humor and other abusive content on Facebook.
One of my reasons for setting my latest romantic comedy within the publishing industry was to highlight some of its failings, both to readers and fellow authors (independent or otherwise). HarperCollins and Random House need not completely despair though.
Alice Munro is only the 13th woman out of 110 Nobel Prize-winners. That's right - not even 12% of the winners of what is arguably the world's most prestigious literary award are female. This is rather strange, given that approximately 51% of the world's population is female.
This week David Gilmour-the-disappointment (as surely everyone must now know him, sorry Pink Floyd fans) made one last bid
It looks like bookish feminists are winning the war on the pale, stale and male literary establishment.
The Orange Prize shortlist has been announced - the only annual book prize in the UK that focuses solely on rewarding female