women's boxing

Last week I came to London to announce that a long held dream of mine is coming true. In partnership with Vodafone, I'm going to share self-defence techniques and tips with women throughout India. We'll teach women mental and physical skills that will improve their self-confidence and help them defend themselves.
Thursday night training is TOUGH- we have to do these sit ups while punching up into the other person's gloves. I'm convinced there is no way I can do that I can't do a full situp still so I just do them half way most of the time - but Christina tells me I will be fine, and shock horror I am! I manage all three sets with only minimal whingeing.
I realise I have been so self absorbed in finding an opponent, in getting myself fit, in gaining confidence that I haven't even noticed that numbers have started to dwindle at training a bit.
I've spent the last couple of weeks beating myself up about my performance and feeling like I'm glaringly awful compared to everyone else, it's nice to know I can keep up and hold my own - even in the hideous side planks.
Boxing For Buhinga: The Fight Club Diaries. Week 13 This week is all about motivation, motivation, motivation. Struggling
As mentioned in previous posts, for the last few weeks, I have been taking boxing lessons with Naomi Gibson, aka Girls in Gloves, at the very charming Body Studio in Shoreditch (which, if you're interested in having a go at boxing classes, but maybe put off by the prospect of a bunch of sweaty brutes leering at you, is a really friendly and non-intimidating venue to try it out).
Tonight is my second session at the new gym - and also the one I'm going to be meeting my potential opponent at.
Thursday night is my first class at the new boxing gym - crikey it makes the dreaded warm up at the other place look like a walk in the park.
Exciting news is that the bike I've been waiting an entire six weeks of Cycle-to-Work-Scheme admin for is now ready for me to collect. Am akin to small child in levels of excitement. To be fair my bike is bright red, with cream wheels and a basket - you would also be excited.
Monday is miserable- not only is it Monday, but it's chucking it down with rain. It's chucking it down AND I have to go to the gym. I have to go to the gym AND this week's challenge is "how many burpees can you do in 60 seconds?". It's "how many burpees can you do in 60 seconds?" WHILE BEING FILMED. Lush. Oh and yes the video ends up on Facebook.