Women's Empowerment

Photographer Josh Rossi planned an awesome surprise for his 5-year-old.
The World Economic Forum recently published its Global Gender Gap Report 2017 and the data is not encouraging. Over the course
Today is the day women stop earning but just keep right on working. It's Equal Pay Day. 10th November is the day this year
In this week's Mail on Sunday, Peter Hitchens sneeringly prescribes reporters of sexual harassment, pestering and assault
Ms. Rantzen's comments are incredibly damaging. Not only does she seem to be blaming working mothers for the poor mental health of their children, but she suggests that a father can't step into the fold and do his share of the parental responsibilities.
If we can change the hearts and actions of men in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, surely it's time for discriminatory and predatory norms in boardrooms and homes across the West to change as well.
Twenty years ago the idea of undertaking bilateral mastectomies for a woman who had not been diagnosed with breast cancer was not only an anathema, frankly, it was considered unethical.
I really don't need to justify why my partner and I choose not to have children. In today's society, the nuclear family has gone, and families come in all shape and sizes, with or without children. So why pressurise me because I'm childless? What happened to freedom of choice?
I'm a serial entrepreneur and the founder of a global digital education content company, specializing in cross-cultural issues. I also happen to be a minority female from a traditional culture. I mention that fact last because it's the least relevant reason as to how and why I became an entrepreneur and how I run my business.
Is it any wonder that the result, the final cut that we see shows an image of someone who looks as good as perfect? Why then should we allow this to undermine our confidence? Imagine how you would look after such a regimen - and I hope you remember that next time you see a picture of a model in a magazine.