Women's Equality Party

I decided months ago that I would cast my vote in the London Mayoral election according to candidates' policies around the sex trade. As the campaign to implement the Nordic model in the UK accelerates, I will be voting for Sophie Walker, leader of Women's Equality Party...
Today there is a hustings in London organised by the biggest disability charities. It looks to be an excellent event. The organisers have been meticulous about enabling the participation by providing easy-read information, documentation in Braille and agreed timings. I won't be there because as a candidate for a new and different party I have been deemed ineligible to participate... This has so many echoes of the space in which I existed with Grace in those early years that it is tough to find myself here again.
on Monday WE launched this tragi-comic video showing women marking the unhappy new year--the new female earning year--to draw attention to a persistent inequity, a gender pay gap that endures almost 46 years after the Equal Pay Act received royal assent. Such campaigns raise awareness but much, much more needs to be done.
Flexible working is just one example of a policy area in which I hope to bridge the gap between the 'average' man and WE, which I see as a key area WE need to focus on. Some of my favourite people in the entire world are men - my husband and three young sons being top of the list! My message is that WE are not anti-men, WE don't want to see men airbrushed out of society, in fact, WE believe that equality for all will mean a better deal for women AND men.
On 23 June, the UK again goes to the polls, this time to decide whether to remain in the European Union or to leave it. If the debate remains stuck in its current mode - puffed up male politicians posturing to secure the favour of their own party members rather than putting the national interest first - it would hardly be surprising if nine million women again stayed home. Yet this would also be a tragedy. One reason women are badly served by politics is that the views of women are poorly represented in the political process. The Women's Equality Party aims to change that.
London's gender pay gap is 23% - higher that the already unacceptable national average of 15%. While many firms understand the importance of transparency and parent-friendly policies, too many are too slow to implement them.
Reports of domestic violence stand now at record levels, according to new police figures. But Hannah is not just another statistic. Her suffering is real. She has suffered at the hands of an abusive partner, and her story must stand out and be told.
WE wish you a very merry Christmas and a jolly happy New Year. And I'm letting you in on a little tiny secret, what I'm getting the family. Now, really I thought they have pretty much everything... and then I thought, i know, something radical, something brand new, something no one has ever tried anywhere in the world - equality. Isn't that a wonderful idea? can you just imagine? everybody - men, women, children, everybody! - getting on better and being happier because they've all got equality.
My period is not philanthropy. Our wombs shouldn't be used to pay for the safety and health of our mothers, sisters and friends. You might have thought this was going to win us over, George, but I'm not buying it. I'm going to carry on fighting the tampon tax, and I know I won't be the only person to think that your plan to shut us up is a bloody joke.
When Osborne started to address the House of Commons about the tampon tax I was confused, but still hopeful. Might the Mother of Parliaments finally witness women-friendly policy-making? Er, no. I was staggered. I am still staggered. Not only is this decision incredibly disappointing, it is incredibly revealing.
The internet and organisations like WEP can play a positive role by nudging established parties and the traditional political structures into opening up to modern ways of working. The next generation of activists wants their politics to be fast, open and effective - and there are massive electoral rewards ahead for the politicians who can capture that territory...
My brief tenure as a founding member, and contributor to policy development, of the Women's Equality Party (or WEP) is, I
I'm not naive enough to believe that joining a political party solves everything, and I don't think that my WEP membership card is a magic wand that will make the patriarchy disappear in a cloud of feminist glitter. This certainly isn't the only step I'm going to take towards making my feminism more active. But it's a bloody good place to start, and I cannot wait to be a part of the amazing things I know WEP will achieve.
At the age of seven I was subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). This did not happen because I was African or Muslim, but because I was female. I came back from that summer trip to Somalia to continue to live in the United Kingdom. By the age of 11, I had worked out that FGM was rooted in patriarchy and assumed that those tasked with leading this country would recognise this too, and care enough to protect girls like me. I also assumed that by the time I grew up I would be paid equally to men and be able to have a baby without affecting my career. But the older I got the more I lost faith that - without radical change - this equality would be something I would ever actually experience.
Sophie Walker, the leader of the new Women’s Equality Party, says she wants to change the perception of politics as "white
On 15th June, 800 years ago the unpopular King John met with his unruly Barons at Runnymede to sign Magna Carta...
If we really care about ending violence against women, we have to listen to all women. I only hope the Women's Equality Party bears that in mind. Realising the limitations and inaccuracies of the phrase 'both sexes' would be a good starting point.
Sandi Toksvig, the comic who hosted BBC Radio 4's The News Quiz for nine years, has revealed she quit the show to help set