women's equality

I know the world won't change overnight but there are some things that all men can do right away. Never agree to sit on a panel where there are no women. Never agree to interview for a job unless there are female candidates on the shortlist in areas of work where women are very under-represented.
Last month there was another frisson of activity in the press about young women being obliged to wear high heels at work? I don't wear high heels and consider it to be sexist and ridiculous to expect anyone to function effectively in 5" spikes. I am delighted that the issue is being raised and believe that all women have the right to fair treatment at work.
When I was told I would be included in the Queen's New Year honours list, I thought I would write a blog reflecting on my career. Then I remembered that I find New Year reflections and forecasts dull and time-consuming. So, instead, here are the top things I would like to see change in relation to children and young people in the UK. ​
Flexible working is just one example of a policy area in which I hope to bridge the gap between the 'average' man and WE, which I see as a key area WE need to focus on. Some of my favourite people in the entire world are men - my husband and three young sons being top of the list! My message is that WE are not anti-men, WE don't want to see men airbrushed out of society, in fact, WE believe that equality for all will mean a better deal for women AND men.
On 23 June, the UK again goes to the polls, this time to decide whether to remain in the European Union or to leave it. If the debate remains stuck in its current mode - puffed up male politicians posturing to secure the favour of their own party members rather than putting the national interest first - it would hardly be surprising if nine million women again stayed home. Yet this would also be a tragedy. One reason women are badly served by politics is that the views of women are poorly represented in the political process. The Women's Equality Party aims to change that.
Reports of domestic violence stand now at record levels, according to new police figures. But Hannah is not just another statistic. Her suffering is real. She has suffered at the hands of an abusive partner, and her story must stand out and be told.
Being a candidate for the Women's Equality Party is about being a pioneer. We want to shape a new kind of politics. WE are looking for people who share our values and demonstrate them in their everyday lives; people who thrive on variety, relish bringing the best out of people and are committed to standing up for what's right and fair.
My period is not philanthropy. Our wombs shouldn't be used to pay for the safety and health of our mothers, sisters and friends. You might have thought this was going to win us over, George, but I'm not buying it. I'm going to carry on fighting the tampon tax, and I know I won't be the only person to think that your plan to shut us up is a bloody joke.
I'm not naive enough to believe that joining a political party solves everything, and I don't think that my WEP membership card is a magic wand that will make the patriarchy disappear in a cloud of feminist glitter. This certainly isn't the only step I'm going to take towards making my feminism more active. But it's a bloody good place to start, and I cannot wait to be a part of the amazing things I know WEP will achieve.
By Geena Davis In all of the sectors of society that still have a huge gender disparity, how long will it take to correct, to reach parity? We can't snap our fingers and suddenly half of congress is women. But there's one category where the underrepresentation of women can be fixed TOMORROW: on-screen.