women's hockey

Growing up sport was my passion and I was happiest and most confident when playing it. Schoolwork in the classroom took precedence in those days but after leaving school the balance slowly started to change.
In a sports team, judgments move away from how popular you are and what you look like to how hard you are willing to work and how much you contribute. I felt I had finally found my 'gang' and found a supportive environment where I could be me and develop confidence and self-worth.
Ecstatic and a little bit tired. That covered my feelings on the plane home from Valencia after the GB women's hockey team had won a gold medal in the World League semi-finals AND - more significantly qualified for the Olympics in Rio...
It's a 'Catch 22' cycle we live in, as sportswomen, and in order to break the cycle something, somewhere, must change. Change is in the air, there are some big players getting behind women's sport to elevate it alongside their male counterparts.
England beat Germany in their group match at the Women’s Hockey World League Final in Tucumán, Argentina on Tuesday. But