Never has it been more important to celebrate the contribution woman make to our rich and diverse culture, and although fiction's primary purpose might be to entertain us, we also know it teaches us empathy and opens up worlds and peoples we might never encounter or understand any other way. And that has never felt more important.
Just two years after first stepping foot into her newly-built writing shed, Laline Paull published her debut novel. Now, one
In the same way that music can fuel emotions and transport you to a time or place, stories do that exact same thing for me. You can see your situation in the lyrics of songs and the same with characters in books; you can make a connection with them.
The 2014 Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction longlist is, as Denise Mina promised, brilliant. And in one sense - the range of subject-matter and tone among the titles - it is also broad.
Book covers of the Women's Prize For Fiction 2013 Shortlist The judging panel for this year's Prize was chaired by the actor
The Women’s Prize for Fiction has announced a new partnership with Baileys, the cream liqueur beverage. From 2014, the competition
I was an early reader and by the age of 10 I had read every book in my local children's lending library in Liverpool, and was given a special dispensation by the head librarian to gain entry to the adult library. That love of books has stayed with me and sustained me right to the present day.
Cherie Blair has stepped in to help fund the Women's Prize for Fiction - previously the Orange Prize - while it looks for