Women's Studies

The “woeful” lack of women in senior roles or writing front page stories at UK newspapers has been laid bare in a startling
Allen reaffirmed her point once more: She then backtracked slightly: Twitter user William Inglesfield then stepped in to
Three experts tackle the problem raised by the PM on the steps of No.10.
When she became Prime Minister in July 2016, Theresa May stood on the steps of No.10 Downing Street and set out her own personal
It was 1964 and singer Genyusha “Goldie” Zelkowitz had a problem. The all-girl band she formed in 1962 with drummer Ginger
Please note this piece contains discussions of sexual assault and predation. I wrote it earlier this month in response to
'The more that we can do to help parents in their decision making processes the better.'
For 50 years, the Smallpeice Trust has been working to get more humans of both genders into STEM. Its methods, attitude and
Age thirty-two, purple-haired, and dressed in several warm layers, I boarded the charter bus with the giddiness of a 14-year