women's suffrage

I can barely hide my glee, the 59th BFI London Film Festival opened last night with the rousing, vital Suffragette and it kicked off 12 jam-packed days of some of the most exciting new films filling London's cinemas.
Even though the tradition of voting may seem archaic, we have made significant headway since the old days. As we go to the
In 1792, shoemaker Thomas Hardy founded the London Corresponding Society. Influenced by the French Revolution and the works
Nothing irritates me more than the misappropriation of humanism, which is a centuries old intellectual movement based on rationality and science. The term itself predates feminism by nearly a century so how humanism can be the response to feminism is beyond me.
Is the rising popularity of the beard a reflection of men's role in society today? Like hemlines rising with the onset of votes for women, full on masculine facial hair is making its own break for freedom and has become a 21st century fashion statement.
The modern female lifestyle imperative known as 'having it all' has become a cursed nuisance for most women; and those who
This year marks the centenary of famous Suffragette martyr Emily Wilding Davison's tragic death at the Epsom races. This event and the work of the Suffragette movement have made me stop to think about how far we women have come in the last 100 years and how much more there is to be done to help the next generation achieve success.
What would Emily Wilding Davison think about feminism in the UK today? It's 100 years since the suffragette died, crushed
To celebrate International Women's Day 2012, we’re celebrating the most significant moments in female history and honouring
The second wave of feminism started in the United States in the 1960s and Simon de Beauvoir was heralded as a touchstone