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Michael Adebolajo, one of two men found guilty of murdering soldier Lee Rigby, has lodged an application to appeal against
British Prime Minister, David Cameron, commented: "We have to redouble our efforts to confront the poisonous narrative of extremism and violence that lay behind this." Is Mr Cameron against violence? He supports wars abroad - they are most definitely violent, in a highly organised fashion. Does violence somehow change by location?
Instead of focusing on whether Islam was at fault, it is more helpful to look at the specific ideology at play...
Michael Adebolajo, one of Lee Rigby's murderers, gave a chilling account of how he and Michael Adebowale planned the brutal
Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, the two men accused of killing fusilier Lee Rigby, have been found guilty of his
Michael Adebolajo, the man accused of killing Drummer Lee Rigby, is "the most law- abiding terrorist in the history of this
Michael Adebolajo, one of the alleged killers of soldier Lee Rigby, has said he should be ransomed back to other jihadi fighters
The details of Lee Rigby's horrific murder have been described in court, with the jury hearing how the soldier was run over
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Michael Adebolajo told police officers: "I am a Muslim extremist, this may be the only chance you meet one" moments after
One of the men accused of killing Fusilier Lee Rigby bought a five-piece set of kitchen knives and sharpener from his local