woolwich murder

A woman who was dubbed the "Angel of Woolwich" for confronting the killers of soldier Lee Rigby has been detained under the
These may be the last words I ever write as terror has descended upon the cobbled streets of Cambridge and anarchy is breaking out in the quaint pubs and college bars. Apparently the nation should be worried about dastardly goings-on that would make Lewis and Morse's brutal Oxford seem peaceful.
Individuals have, and will continue to, invoke the word of God to justify the most horrendous crimes possible; but if someone is hell bent on destruction then they'll use any means necessary to give it credence.
Two more people have been arrested in connection with the death of a soldier in Woolwich. It brings the total arrested to
What has happened in Woolwich is unbelievable. A British soldier brutally murdered in broad daylight. The attackers then calmly stand and wait for the police before apparently getting what they so desperately long for-martyrdom.