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Burger King has pulled out of the government's controversial work experience scheme. The fast food giant said it had decided
The employment minister Chris Grayling has had to backtrack on claims that his email had been hacked by campaigners against
The Trades Union Congress (TUC) estimates that British workers collectively perform 1,968 million hours of unpaid overtime a year, meaning that this morning marks a momentous occasion in many people's calendars.
Tesco has hit back at criticism of its employment policy after a job advert appeared listing wages for a night shift role
Twitter users have reacted in outrage to a Tesco job advert which offers "Job Seekers Allowance plus expenses" in wages. The
The real message to take from this new research is that, whilst work experience is vitally important, and the jobs market is tight, no matter what other news you might be reading, the outlook for new and upcoming graduates is far from hopeless.
Graduates are losing out to interns when applying for jobs, highlighting the dominance of work experience as a key tool in
Nowadays, everybody is "offering experience" - but nobody is willing to put their hand in their pocket and pay for the labour they are gaining. So employers continue to get something for nothing, while the workers get nothing for something very important. If we force vulnerable young workers to accept this new deal, we will all pay a very high price.
Teenage girls are more realistic than boys about potential student hardship when they fly the nest to go to university, a
Information is coming thick and fast now, at the end of lectures today we had what can only be described as a "law information for the under 5s", which was packaged as career advice for postgraduate students.