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Statistics can be brandished about, but do those who do so genuinely grasp the heart-breaking and demoralising effect of this on their sons, daughter, nieces, nephews and family friends who endure the consequences of this day in and day out?
This course really, really expects you to hit the ground running, so I am beginning to regret not taking the pre-course reading more seriously. Yeah, I casually browsed at it...apparently nobody else on the course took that approach, so I'm feeling a little behind already.
Whilst it may be easy for politicians to rail against unpaid internships, the debate over this issue is far more complex and simply cannot be explained with a populist sound bite.
Students and graduates have expressed their anger and despair at having no choice but to work for free during internships
A sixth form student from Wales has uncovered more than 20 new asteroids and a comet while on a summer work experience placement
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