work stress

Not health, not money, not even romance – but work. Yeah, we know – it took a study to work that out?!
We all suffer from stress, and in some instances it can be beneficial. Some experts believe that in small doses, it can actually enhance and improve cognitive brain function. Continued stress, however, can put a drain on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
These are all causes of work-related stress and they're not uncommon. I was surprised to learn that every year more than 11 million working days are lost in the UK due to feelings of anxiety, depression or work-related stress.
Please tell me how a successful, happy 31-year-old woman got to the point where she was sitting in her bathroom at 3am carefully dabbing neat bleach onto her skin? And above all, how on earth that woman was me.
Worryingly, the report found that more than half of employees admit feeling unable to approach their employer about a stress-related issue; therefore the cycle continues unbroken, and if left un-addressed can lead to significant mental health problems.
Whether you've sat an exam, learned to drive, had an interview, spoken in public... all these things get our bodies stressed. But, once we've done whatever it was that was stressing us out our bodies get the opportunity to calm down, chill out, and relax.
Not taking mental health seriously can affect a company's bottom line.
Three months? I could barely take it in - how could I possibly be off work for three months, that couldn't happen... He didn't argue with me, just wrote a sick note, tucked it into my handbag, and left. I was stunned
Sometimes in life, shit happens. Relationships change, jobs come and go and kids grow up. That's just life, right? Ups and downs with no guarantee of what may be next. So what happens when the 'bad days' become something more serious?