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Image: Shutterstock When I decided to change career, throwing off the proverbial shackles of city life in exchange for a
A clever stunt if you think about it, because what is the one thing people are craving in January? A holiday! So whilst their profits are going through the roof, the rest of us are expected to mope around, full of negativity because somebody, somewhere, decided that today has to be a bad day.
Karl Lagerfeld’s idea of the tech industry is certainly visionary.
Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week may have ostensibly been a celebration of the internet and women in tech - but the real stars
Zara has launched a sustainable collection, which is proof that your desire for ethical fashion has an impact on the industry
The collection was inspired by vintage English seaside holidays.
Margaret Howell has given us serious workwear goals with her spring/summer 2017 collection. Howell’s London Fashion Week
She delved into her costume stash for something more appropriate.
When June Rivas’ boss told her that wearing her hair up or in a headscarf was “unprofessional”, Rivas was left dumbfounded