Worker Productivity

Britain is lagging behind other advanced economies. Our people are dynamic but that dynamism is stifled, with us all losing out. We must breathe new life into our economy. We can't do that without supporting the workers, who will drive that process and make our economy fit for the 21st Century.
It's that time of year for making resolutions: when, having staggered over the Christmas finishing line, we vow to come back to the office with more zest, ambition and productivity than before. For some of us those resolutions will fizzle out before the end of January - less cynically, however, we should remember that for many those promises will yield life-altering changes for the better.
While the UK economy continues to do well, one area where we are still making no real progress is in the improvement of our productivity. It is absolutely right that we are now starting to focus on this challenge as increasing productivity is key to driving future economic growth, higher wages and better living standards. The business community has a major role to play in achieving this - and we must find a way to tackle this significant challenge head on.