working dads

While it should be commended that the major political parties are at least acknowledging the role of fathers in the modern age, we need to be careful of delivering soundbites with little real change, and instead focus on the policies and conversations with employers that drive much more real equity in a balanced parenting world.
You've probably heard of the motherhood penalty. It's the penalty many women pay when they have children and either leave their careers or take on lower paid, less demanding jobs. Have you, however, given any consideration to the fatherhood penalty?
I may be so much more conscious of this issue as a single parent, who is self-employed, runs a charity and has raised two kids 'single handedly'. My girls roll their eyes and mime at this line as it is much used, mainly in an aim to get people to see that if I can do it....anyone can, seriously, anyone can do this.
thriving families.jpg I've never enjoyed two weeks of my life more than the fortnight of my paternity leave. The immediate love I had for my little boy Sonny, the closeness we felt as a family and the sheer joy of watching that tiny baby turn into a little boy full of personality was the greatest feeling I could ever imagine. And then I went back to work...
This is a simple post detailing and describing a typical day for a full time dad who works full time unsociable shifts (including weekends). I will describe what a typical day entails when daddy is due to work a late shift of 2-10pm
I want to be there to pick my kids up from school every day, or be there when my kids walk in the door. I want to spend the holidays drawing, painting and creating all manner of weird and wonderful craft projects with them, or wandering through the fields and avenues of our surrounding town as we go on adventures in the great outdoors.