It's cool to say you're going to get in shape, but it won't happen by osmosis if you're walking around the place like a chicken with its head cut off.
'I’ve seen people try to do things too late, and it’s not pretty.'
Want to work your abs but hate the gym? Give this video of an adorable golden retriever apparently attempting to do bicycle
7 4 8 19 9 13 2 14 5 16 In an ideal world, we'd all eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and prioritize our mental wellbeing
What people forget, or probably don't even realise is that when we gain weight (body fat) due to a calorie surplus, we create more fat cells to store fat molecules as energy. Fat cells never disappear, we can burn the stored fat within the cells, but the cells themselves remain.
Exercising or socialising? You don't have to choose one over the other - here's how
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For lots of us with busy schedules, it often feels like we have to make a choice: go to the gym, or go out and socialise
I very quickly realised - mere seconds into the first routine - that this is no piece of cake. Dancing without a drink in my gut and another in my hand is not something that comes naturally to my graceless limbs.
I'm also punishing myself each morning by doing 50 naked squats in a full-length mirror so I can witness the full horror of enjoying Milk Tray for breakfast, Ferrero Rocher for lunch and Christmas cake for dinner in HD.
As I recently discovered the other day, getting back into working out after a period of inactivity - due to illness or self inflicted laziness - is far worse.
Victoria My instructor – Victoria – could see my entire body, so was able to correct me on posture and stance, which is pretty
Firstly, you may not going to like this winter workout alternative if you struggle with technology. But - if it's a toss
Three young, near-naked muscly males, panting from pumping iron and talking us through their er, strenuous, workout. What's
I've just been down to LA and the latest workout craze is climbing the Sweaty Secret Stairs of Santa Monica. Also the most
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If more children got to see their parents exercising the child obesity rate might reduce. Most people could say they were influenced by their parents growing up, unfortunately for me my parents were not very active, which was possibly why I was always slightly overweight.
I was one of those keen new gym members in January. I started off determined to get into shape, but at the same time I was also terrified.
How do I lose my belly fat? How can I tone up my arms? Which exercise will shrink my thighs? The sad truth of the matter is, whether you want to get rid of that annoying lower ab pudge, firm up those pesky bingo wings or attain the elusive 'thigh gap', the answer is always the same.
'To train, or not to train?' This is the question we regular exercisers agonise over when lurgy strikes. Those unconvinced of the joy of exercise will struggle to comprehend why it is we WANT to train though the illness - why not take the opportunity to 'pull a sickie' on our fitness regimen.
People look at me with confusion when they see the amount of kale and broccoli in my trolley - five a day is not wrong but it is certainly not right either. Make it your mission to eat that and more. If you are serious about being lean, happy and healthy these are essential.