World Bank

Eskom needs to raise R20 billion to remain a going concern.
Statistics don't put food on the table. The World Bank named Nigeria as one of the world's fastest-growing economies, but here's how it can grow faster.
Strategic interventions must be backed by solid data –– women's empowerment matters, but unemployed youth, regardless of gender, are key to food security.
The finance minister reportedly discussed funding options with representatives from the World Bank.
I'm a serial entrepreneur and the founder of a global digital education content company, specializing in cross-cultural issues. I also happen to be a minority female from a traditional culture. I mention that fact last because it's the least relevant reason as to how and why I became an entrepreneur and how I run my business.
The bank cited declining levels of productivity as one of the reasons SA's growth will be lower than predicted this year.
The ANC's former treasurer-general wants to challenge for the presidency. But he did nothing about cronyism when he could.
The face of retail is changing from brick and mortar to online portals, from sweatshop produced to ethically sourced.
Within a Muslim, patriarchal society in Bangladesh, Jo has helped to bring together a democratic design committee with almost
What do you have as your screensaver? While some companies allow staff to revel in their favourite sunset snap or their kids pulling hideous faces, others provide the screensavers to focus minds on the top priorities.