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As a photographer I feel it is my duty to take you somewhere when you are looking at my work. Saying this I realise that out of all the arts, photography pulls the short straw for I always find has the confinements of the throw away culture we are so influenced by today and I return to my duty as a photographer - to help you escape.
Motorsport fans might feel spoilt for choice this weekend as the World Endurance Championship and Formula One vie to attract
Three years ago, sportscar driver Allan McNish had a huge crash at Le Mans that destroyed his car and left many at the scene
Andre Lotterer will make his Formula 1 debut at this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix, the Caterham team has confirmed. Lotterer
Le Mans 2010 and Peugeot were in control. Favourites over Audi to win the 24 Hours, events were going their way even after
It's five years since Audi was last beaten at Le Mans so you would imagine the team would be confident of notching up their
The La Mans 24 hours is here and once again nearly 250,000 racing fans will be making the journey to northern France for
Nissan will take on the might of Audi, Toyota and Porsche for full honours at next year's Le Mans after announcing a factory
A young American is set to make racing history after being selected to race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans at the age of just
Mark Webber hailed Porsche's return to sportscar racing as "a great day" after he helped the German team to a podium place
“Extremely bitter”, “worst case scenario” and “the worst possible result” were just some of the reactions from the Audi camp
Anthony Davidson admitted he was surprised after Toyota claimed maximum points in the opening round of the World Endurance
Toyota kept their cool to win the 6 Hours of Silverstone and the opening round of the FIA World Endurance Championship after
World champion Tom Kristensen expects a tough World Endurance Championship ahead as he prepares to start the opening race
Former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber has hailed Porsche's two-day test session at the Paul Ricard circuit for the FIA World
The gloves are nearly off in the FIA World Endurance Championship as the teams size each other up for the first time af the
Ex-Formula 1 driver Mark Webber has helped Porsche unveil its first top-flight endurance car in 16 years which they hope
They were difficult boots to fill but Audi have chosen the man to replace three-time Le Mans winner, Allan McNish - former
As a racing fan and a Le Mans nut I read the tweet that announced Allan McNish's retirement with disbelief and then denial. The avalanche of messages that followed made it clear that the three-time Le Mans winner was indeed quitting while at the top of the sport, just 45 days after clinching the 2013 World Endurance Championship title in Shanghai... I was stunned.
Allan McNish has retired from racing with immediate effect. The three-time Le Mans winner made the announcement just a few