World Mental Health Day

We all have mental health. Each and every one of us. Nobody is immune. As employers, we have a responsibility to stop with the token gestures which benefit no-one, but to make meaningful changes - which not only benefit those we employ, but us too.
The secretary of state was called out for using incorrect figures.
Jeremy Hunt will not apologise for misleading MPs over the number of mental health workers in the NHS.  The health secretary
Out of respect for my brother's privacy, I will not go into the details of what the catalyst was for his rapid slide into mental ill health, but just like I'm sure is the case with many others, our family did not see this coming - it was like a baseball bat had swung around and hit us right in the stomach.
It is not my queer identity that causes my depression. I am more happy than I have ever been since I came out and found words to express my own identity. My wife was astounded by my forwardness and how comfortable I was with holding hands or kissing in public. I never had a second thought about it, my relationship with her was as natural as any I had with men
Of course, there is still such a long way to go until we understand mental health, but whilst I learned nothing about video journalism today, I learned that asking someone if they're okay is as good a place to start as any.
According to YouGov, one in four students is currently living with a mental health problem and nearly half of those students
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