World Press Freedom Day

Nothing we say or do will bring back Lyra McKee or Jamal Khashoggi, but we need to make sure the world hears us when we say attacks on journalists must end
World Press Freedom Day is a time to both celebrate press freedom and defend the media from attacks - we are doing more of the latter than the former
As World Press Freedom Day dawned on Thursday, Cambridge Analytica died.
HuffPost spoke to editors at Media24 on the significance of World Press Freedom Day and the state of journalism in South Africa.
On this occasion we wish to remind ourselves that free and diverse media is critical to promoting transparency, accountability and freedom of expression.
Detaining journalists has a chilling effect on everyone, making them afraid to speak out. So while #FreeTurkeyMedia is about getting journalists out of prison, it is also about creating a better future for human rights in Turkey and sending a clear message to those around the world who seek to silence free speech.
The persistent application of national security laws to punish media or further tighten limitations on freedom of expression has sent a chill through global newsrooms.
Without audiences demanding well- researched and conflict-sensitive narratives, critical reporting will be increasingly side- lined.
In many ways, Brazil is at a crucial crossroads: the shocking increase in attacks must provide the impetus to improve investigations and protection of communicators at all levels of Brazilian political, social, and economic life.
Artistic freedom in the digital environment and tackling new challenges in cultural policies will be among the topics for