World Vegetarian Day

My fridge is still filling up with courgettes from the garden. As anyone who grows them knows, they're like dinner guests who just don't know when to give up and go home, welcome when they first arrive but eventually a bit of a yawn.
From your health to your wallet, the planet to your pets, there are plenty of reasons to renounce meat in favour of a vegetarian
Happy World Vegetarian Day! Today is the day to discover your animal lovin' side, in a 'I-don't-want-to-eat-you' kind of
Happy World Vegetarian Day, world vegetarians! To celebrate, we've rounded up 10 of the finest, funniest things ever said
Gone are the days when vegetarians were served up lumpy lentil stews and dull-as-dishwater veggie dahls. Veggie faux meats such as bacon and sausages - along with an ever-expanding variety of fresh fruit and veggies - mean the vegetarian diet has taken the world by storm.