world war 1

A poignant installation made up of paper and cardboard takes visitors on a journey back in time to show the hardships and
George Howson was the most idealistic of headmasters. When he took the helm at Gresham's School in Norfolk, he wanted to
Conscientious objectors who were imprisoned for their beliefs during the First World War kept in touch with each other in
As the British government seeks to ensure that centenary activities fully mark the contribution of Empire and Commonwealth soldiers, can it find common ground to reflect Australian and Canadian pride in the birth of a nation, Indian and Pakistani concerns about getting the form of recognition right, and South African scepticism about the contemporary relevance of a conflict fought between long lost Empires?
The research also found a widespread lack of understanding about the impact of the war - while 62% of people in the UK were
Jeremy Paxman has come under fire for branding conscientious objectors of World War One "cranks." The BBC veteran's new series
Calls have been made to scrap a coin marking the centenary of the First World War. The Royal Mint's recently issued commemorative
Historians have hit back at Michael Gove's assertions that "left-wing" programmes like Blackadder have whitewashed Germany
Jeremy Paxman has taken David Cameron to task for his comments that Britain's marking of the WWI centenary would be like
At present two children from every state secondary school in England from spring until March 2019 will be given the opportunity to visit First World War battlefields. But it is our hope too that children of primary school age will be able, in their own way and suited to their needs, share in that witness as well.