World Wrestling Entertainment

While Mark left viewing amidst his blue lighting and mystical fog, the arena fell dark. His music ended, and a poignant gong was struck which echoed through the arena. Depicting the wrestling ring-bell being struck, while signalling the final goodbye of The Deadman, the gong was called a final time.
To me they were invincible, their oily and toned physiques worked the stage like gladiators of a long past era. Such godly figures - mostly - could work the crowd with immense ease; a single action could be the difference between utter silence and thunderous applause. How could I not be attracted to such power.
Wrestling's relationship with reality is a curious one. Prior to the 1980s, competitors and promoters alike protected 'kayfabe' - the convention of presenting staged performances as authentic- with their lives.
One of the first comments people have made to me is how much weight I have lost. Whilst this is usually meant as a compliment, for a professional wrestler it is devastating. Wrestlers don't all have to be bulging meatheads, but it definitely helps to have a good muscular body and more importantly they need to stand out from the crowd.