Friends. We all need them. They help us get through life! Without them, our existence itself would falter and grind to a halt. Socialising and communicating with others is something we do to survive. Having friends allow us to talk about our feelings, concerns and passions. We thrive from being around others. Without friends we would find ourselves isolated which could lead to depression and sometimes even suicide.
I didn't really have a clue a year ago. But wow, learning on the job I think will always be the best way to gain knowledge and skills. It has been a huge learning curve. People doubted me and the organisation. Sometimes we follow plan A and sometimes we follow plan B. But we will always prosper with whatever path we take. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed.
In a world which is ever changing, unity and strength, fellowship and peace are ever growing qualities adults and young people
On Friday 12th August 2016 the World Youth Organization set out to London Waterloo Station to perform a flash mob, in aid of International Youth Day. And what a success we made it!
I can't wait to see what comes from the WYO and I'm looking forward to seeing how they will change the world -- maybe we'll even get the chance to work together some day. So in the words of Kieran Goodwin, "Here's to the future of the World Youth Organization."
It gives me great pleasure in announcing between a joint effort from the Charity Commission and trustee board from the World Youth Organization we have come to a decision on our charitable objectives.
So, I thought I should tell the world more about me and what I am currently doing with my crazy life. The World Youth Organization (formally known as the Extreme Sport Challenges Association), a charity yet to launch in January 2016 was created by Maliha Reza, Amy Lee and myself, Kieran Goodwin...