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Illiberal rulers from Venezuela to Poland are assaulting constraints on their power. In Italy, anti-elite populists are using the internet to empower citizens and upend representative government.
'Populism exists because institutions are elite-driven,' but democracies don’t work well without elites, says the acclaimed author of The End of History.
Pankaj Mishra is an Indian writer and historian. Among his many books are An End to Suffering: The Buddha in the World and
A search for identity amid the swell of anonymous forces from globalization to technology drove this year’s anti-elite political upheaval.
It will never happen. This is what many of my friends on both sides of the Atlantic have repeatedly told me over the last several months when I asked about their view of a Trump presidency. So outrageous was the idea that it was not even considered a subject worthy of discussion.
The Trump Train Thunders On On Super Tuesday Donald Trump (69) and Hillary Clinton (68) have proved themselves the undisputed