Maize is Zimbabwe's staple crop and if the government fails to contain the outbreak, the country could be pushed further into food insecurity.
Whilst we are knee deep in winter and the lead up to Christmas - I am in the throes of worms. Not me personally. Nope, so far I have managed 35 years on this planet without those offensive, miniscule, vile vermin crawling around my asshole, but sadly our eldest daughter became their latest casualty.
Roundworms could hold the key to improving a woman's fertility, research suggests. The parasitic worm, which is found in
There were Biblical scenes in southern Norway this week after a spate of bad weather saw thousands of earthworms deposited
Forget beans on toast, or Pot Noodles, one university in Belgium is serving up worm nuggets - because they're nutritious
Scientists have discovered a new kind of 'killer sperm' which stops a female from being able to mate with another species
No piece of software is perfect or can ever be perfect. These imperfections within the code can be exploited by hackers to gain access to your computer. Once an exploit is found, it is patched by the software company which then sends an update to its users. This is the update that you keep ignoring.
A video of a live parasite unravelling itself from the carcass of a spider has clocked up over a million views on YouTube