wow festival

Domestic violence destroys lives. We need to keep on empowering women to come forward, knowing they have the full backing of the justice system and they won't be failed. As a Conservative, and a women, I am enormously proud that this Government is working to protect the most vulnerable women.
It's important to look where we've come from and celebrate the milestones on our journey. But we need to keep a firm eye on the destination and make sure we keep moving forwards. If we lose focus or take our foot off the pedal, progress on gender equality can easily be lost.
all women everywhere The decision to leave the European Union is a hammer blow for equality. Whether its economic impact, our capacity to advocate for our sisters around the world or the battles ahead for our freedoms at work and in society, much is now at stake. Yet as the Prime Minister now presses ahead with hard Brexit, the challenge for us all is to find ways not only to protect what we have achieved to date but to continue to champion the power of equality to change all our lives for the better.  
WOW is all I can say when I look back at the last five years. So much has changed in the conversation about FGM and ending the practice within our lifetime is now a tangible reality. It is hard to believe that for me this journey started on a Saturday morning in one of the back rooms of Southbank Centre.
The documentary powerfully depicted the catastrophic messages the media sends and the detrimental affect they have on our society - young girls and women in particular. It clearly showed the manipulative nature of advertising agencies and how beauty standards are transformed into unhealthy and unachievable ideals.