Trigger warning: references to sexual violence Earlier this month I set up a petition in an effort to get London's Southbank
WOW is all I can say when I look back at the last five years. So much has changed in the conversation about FGM and ending the practice within our lifetime is now a tangible reality. It is hard to believe that for me this journey started on a Saturday morning in one of the back rooms of Southbank Centre.
Here we have selected 7 of nature's best architects; from deep down in the sea to nestled up in the trees, animals also know how to build impressive structures.
Urban Dictionary, a web-based dictionary that contains more than seven million definitions as of 2 March 2013, is the site to turn to when expanding your vocabulary when the Oxford Dictionary is rendered useless.
I know this is a game that many claim to be addicted to, but I wasn't. Addiction isn't the word. Oxycotton is addictive; World of Warcraft is more obsessive than anything else.