wrecking ball

After a long day of combat, Thor needs to let his hair down and get in touch with his inner Asgardian.
Anne Hathaway may have got her Oscar for dipping into a well of sadness for her role in 'Les Miserables', but this week she
Is not fame the giving and taking away of faces? Celebrities are defaced and labelled by the media and the public on a daily basis: we've all criticised at least one celebrity for their actions and choices.
HOW much do we love this little kid? A lot. That's how much. Eat your heart out, Miley Cyrus! SEE ALSO: The Best 'Wrecking
It's been one of the most covered and parodied songs (and videos) of the year - so it's no surprise that someone's produced
From Ylvis to Rihanna, 'Get Lucky' to (the appropriately titled) 'Blurred Lines' - Pleated Jeans bring us their annual round
Oh, joy. It's the mash-up we never knew we needed - until someone made it. Yes, we've had Miley Vs Mumford & Sons, Miley
Miley Cyrus is breaking hearts... and safety regulations. And all we can say is: thank you, College Humor. (Via Tastefully
Although we admit it could be your idea of hell. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we - or rather isosine - bring you 'Little Wrecking
The cultural stereotype of the catfight reduces the lady, who is noted for her passivity and elegance, to a creature capable of stealth and crafty animalism; a creature called woman. Whether Natural Vs Processed; Full-Figured Vs Skinny; Lesbian Vs Heterosexual; Black Vs White or Younger Vs Older, catfighting is belittling to an already belittled body of people.
The point is, Sinead O'Conner was not wrong to write her letter. Not at all. I truly believe it was done in the spirit of 'motherliness' and we need more people like that in the world. But, her personal journey disconnects her from the world surrounding Miley and, I suspect, it's a world of complex relationships and great fragility.
We've had Greg James's version. We've had the dog version. And now? Now, it's the turn of Ed Bassmaster - he of YouTube 'singing
Now here's something all dog-owners will appreciate: the pop hit de nos jours reimagined for our canine friends, complete
Our eyes! Yes, be warned: you can never unsee this video. But then again, why would you want to? Because it really is quite
A wrecking ball which has hung in a university for 18 years has been taken down following a spate of imitations by frolicking
You know what this day needs? Nicolas Cage's head on Miley Cyrus's body in her 'Wrecking Ball' video. What's that you say
The problem with the Cyrus's new clip is not its risqué visual; former Hannah Montana is hardly the first tween star trying to reinvent herself by gambling on her sexuality. The trouble is that the video directed by the "edgy" fashion photographer Terry Richardson displays a women totally stripped of her own passions and desires, and converts Cyrus to wank material.
Let's face it, it's one thing to sell out stadiums decades into your career, like the Rolling Stones are sure to do if they trot out their rumored 50th anniversary tour next year. But it's another thing to keep releasing actual, relevant new music. Remember that?