Wyndham Lewis

January is usually blue, but not in the Visual Arts. It is red. It is the beginning of the year and starts with a big bang: Art Fairs, top quality exhibitions, talks, performances... Everybody wants to welcome the New Year in the best possible way.
Stephen Klaidman's new biog-raphy of Sydney and Violet Schiff highlights an interesting couple, who made their own con-tribution to literary circles of the 1920s. Relatively overlooked until now, the Schiffs appear on the surface to be a conventional mid-dle class couple, based in London and the South of France.
Publishing publicists are keen for authors to have as high a public profile as possible (as are plenty of authors themselves.) As this New York Times article demonstrates beautifully, this cult of self promotion isn't exactly a new phenomenon. But what about the drawbacks of this style-over-substance approach when it comes to reading the books themselves.
It's a good job art isn’t a particularly tribal pursuit, or Picasso and British Modern Art would be a pretty devastating