It's the second week of X Factor live shows over the pond and even though the American version is only on its first series
Nicole Scherzinger has taken a break from her X Factor USA duties to fly across the pond and appear on our version of the
In essence, the X Factor UK isn't a singing competition anymore. In fact, it's become something of a freak show. A farce. And ironically, nothing highlights that more than Simon Cowell's brand spanking new baby, the X Factor USA.
If you've read US Vogue/seen pictures of Anna Wintour/watched The Devil Wears Prada you probably don't tend to think of Anna
I don't normally watch X Factor. Like Stephen Fry, I find the emotions it exploits - awkwardness and embarrassment - overrated as entertainment vehicles. But last Saturday night, I was forced to switch on the US version of the show after seeing Steve Jones trending on Twitter.
Nicole Scherzinger launched X Factor in the US last night and for once, the singer's outfit didn't involve leather or any
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Simon Fuller has launched a legal battle against the American television network Fox seeking credits
SIMON Cowell told how he was "bored" with X Factor before he revamped it and launched a US version. Despite all his past