The normalisation of xenophobia in our political discourse and media is having a real impact on the lives of real people. If you value equality, respect and human dignity, then this election is the time for you to step up. Your vote is your pledge - your pledge to stand against the bigotry that is being mainstreamed in our politics and public spaces. Here are five ways that you can directly challenge xenophobia in the course of this general election...
You say these aren't xenophobic attacks, but attacks on crime. Laughable. If that's the case, what of those who stole our natural resources for centuries.
While researching visa requirements some years ago, I got to understand why many countries scrapped their visa-free policies with South Africa.
It is high time that the British people, post-Brexit and all, openly discuss the growing xenophobia and racism within the country, to include the field of opportunities for foreign and black actors.
Immigrants are just the same as us; we simply cannot go on saying all legal or illegal immigrants are drug lords and claim we are not being xenophobic.
He couldn't live in Nairobi, it wasn't the right fit. He couldn't live in Johannesburg, it was too dangerous. He decided Africa was not for him anymore.
I condemn every act of self-justice, violence and destruction that has occurred in the past few weeks but I must say that I understand your agitations.
Nigeria and South Africa set up early warning system to warn of problems.
Questions on what will come out of high-level South African-Nigerian meeting
The City of Joburg has always been open to immigrants. It is criminal elements -- both foreigners and South Africans -- that we are targeting, says Mashaba.