Yahya Jammeh

We have no idea how good Gambia's Jammeh will be at it. But it will be good for his country.
National foreign policy and alliances must be rooted in democratic governance and human rights.
Jammeh lost an election to Barrow in December and initially conceded defeat.
"We think that up until the last minute there is still a solution through dialogue."
The seven most vital things to know about the recent troubles in Gambia, and the man behind it all.
Any sweetheart deals for Gambia's ruthless dictator should be ruled out – and the idea of clemency should never be raised again.
The small West African nation of Gambia is rapidly approaching a crucial deadline. On Thursday, authoritarian President Yahya
The president had at the time commended Yahya Jammeh for "graciously" conceding defeat.
The Gambian president initially accepted his electoral loss, only to make an about-turn later.