Yanis Varoufakis

Like Varoufakis in 2015, Boris will play to the gallery and valiantly pretend to renegotiate – but when he fails, let’s hope he performs a Tsipras-style volte face and save himself and Britain from the consequences of no-deal.
Yanis Varoufakis and Pamela Anderson will also speak at rally for left-wing European organisation.
'Don’t be undermined by those who want to divide us.'
The brutal political violence inflicted by the EU on Greece, and the inevitability of expanded globalisation and corrupt trade deals, show us that this dream is not one we can achieve by remaining in the EU. The only way we can truly send the EU a message will be by voting to leave it on the 23rd June.
So no doubt those at the Another Europe conference came away feeling good about themselves, in spite of the essential pessimism of their message. And no doubt they continue to believe they are serving the interests of working people by fighting for a remain vote. In reality, they are driving a further wedge between the Left and the millions for whom the EU's contempt for democracy and enthusiasm for austerity and open borders are compelling reasons to leave.
Munching down fish and chips while enjoying a pint of Broadside is a must-do when visiting Southwold. Even if your face is more battered by the wind than your cod is by the fryer; and even if you're soggier from the rain than your chips are from the vinegar. In fact it all tends to add to the whole experience.
Speaker John Bercow delivered another epic smackdown in the Commons today when he blasted a Tory minister for a “long-winded
If leftist intellectuals can be rock-stars (and somewhere there must be a guitar trashed by Thomas Piketty that proves they
Ex-Greek chancellor Yanis Varoufakis issued a strong warning to Jeremy Corbyn on Friday, advising the new Labour leader to
Without sentimentality, the newfound consecration of the Greek government to enact brutalising austerity measures, so corrosive that even the IMF doubts its promised successes, will now once more test the resolve of the Greek people.