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There doesn't appear to be any chance of recovering a working relationship between Guardiola and Toure looking at comments published in the past, but disregarding the bad taste, Pep will certainly not carry any passengers when he arrives in Manchester. Toure's time is up. Everybody recognises that now. And while we should look back fondly on his time in England, his time to move on has been long overdue.
With every passing season, it seems like peaks and troughs in form are played for more and more importance. A run of wins means that a team is on a charge to the title, but a single draw means that the run has ended, they've been found out, they'll be lucky to finish in the top four... You know the deal.
He is the type of player the club need if they want to be successful. Sure, he's not the quickest, nor the most skilful, nor is he ever likely to finish high up the goalscoring charts, but in a squad packed full of talent and in a team bursting with expensive and flashy recruits, the simple truth is that City are better with Milner in the side.
Manchester City have been far too naive in the transfer market since building their first Premier League title winning squad. It's a team which still remains, has reached its peak and gone far past it. So much so that it's become a problem. Serious work needs to be done.
A shot by Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure hit a child fan square in the face during the game at Loftus Road on Saturday
In Fernando, Pellegrini hopes he has found the missing piece of the jigsaw... Fernando is not the most eye-catching signing, but away from the limelight and operating in the shadows of a game, he may well turn out to be the best addition City have made this summer.
Yaya Touré has intensified his fraught relationship with Manchester City by claiming the club denied him permission to spend
Ibrahim Touré, the brother of Manchester City midfielder Yaya and Liverpool defender Kolo, has died aged 28. The youngest
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This summer will see the world's elite line up against each other in a bid to capture the most coveted prize in football - the World Cup. And that means goals, because goals are the key if a country want to be world-beaters... But what about the players not expected to light up the tournament with goals?