NEW YORK -- There is strong public support in both Britain and America for air strikes in Iraq, according to separate polls
Some 45% of Britons would back air strikes in Iraq by RAF jets, with 37% opposed to the UK joining the US in launching attacks
This is the incredible moment a TV reporter casts aside his professional veneer to help desperate Yazidi refugees climb aboard
After a disastrous attempt to deliver food supplies to besieged Iraqis was aborted because experts feared they could hit
The British aid effort in Iraq is to be stepped up to ease the plight of thousands of people trapped on a mountain as they
David Cameron has been urged to recall MPs to parliament to discuss whether the UK should send military assistance to the
At least 500 members of the Yazidi Kurdish sect have been "executed" by the Islamic State, formerly ISIS, with some victims
An RAF transport aircraft has made the first airdrop of British humanitarian aid to refugees fleeing Islamist militants in
Members of the Yazidi community spoke of their anguish at the plight of family members in northern Iraq as they held a demonstration
Hundreds of Yazidi women have been taken captive by Islamic State militants, an Iraqi official has said. According to Kamil