Yes Scotland

The Scotland Stronger In campaign has, after all that, started on the right lines. The glib comments about being "Project Cheer" are exactly the kind of thing that will warm the Scottish people to it.
Mr. Cameron is quite right to want to renegotiate Britain's terms - much as the UK Government were quite right to move more power from London to Edinburgh; it reflects the general feeling as well as his democratic mandate.
A new oil field has been discovered in the North Sea, but Scottish independence campaigners are bitterly unimpressed with
This has been a unique time in Scotland's history. Over the last two years we have had an opportunity which billions of people across the world can only dream of - an opportunity to imagine a better country. The result is close but clear, and naturally we accept the decision the people of Scotland have made. In the Green Yes campaign we sought to give a distinctive vision of Scotland as a beacon of social, economic and environmental progress. I argued that Scottish independence was far more likely to deliver that vision than the backward-looking and increasingly broken British state centred on Westminster.
Alex Salmond's resignation following the decision by voters to reject Scottish independence brings an end to his time as
Alex Salmond went yesterday from the leader of an insurgency that was about to make history - to the leader of an insurgency
Importantly for the UK as a whole, however, a yes vote would mean a long period of hugely complicated negotiations. The legal statuses, international affiliations, assets, debts and currency arrangements of the successor states would all have to be agreed...
I voted No but I suspect I did so for entirely distinct reasons than many of my fellow No-voters would wish, and many Yes-voters would imagine. These reasons are purely personal: I believe the following policy areas are the most crucial in improving UK society as a whole...
The Scottish independence referendum (#IndyRef) is both encouraging and terrifying at the same time. To see voter registration at 97% of the adult population is encouraging. People have never been so active, engaged and motivated in politics in living memory. Turnout in the 1979 referendum was only 33%, too low for the outcome to count.
As the date of the Scotland's Independence Referendum approaches, the question that should be on every Scot's mind is, What is the Intelligent Choice? To spur on such thinking, I interviewed intelligence expert Chris Thomson...