She's an inspiration to the rest of us: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥!
There are a lot of reasons why our New Year’s resolutions (NYRs) go forgotten within the first month of the year: we get
The incidents reportedly occurred from 1983 to 2016 in his yoga studio, his offices and even during a massage.
Slow down.
Looking after yourself isn’t a novel concept. But the revival of ‘self-care’ in the wake of tumultuous times (hello, 2017
Before I start, I will admit to being relatively new to the yoga game. As of this writing, I’ve only been to five one-hour
Impostor syndrome is a real thing, much like middle child syndrome. The latter I have long attested to, the former I just recently experienced while sitting cross legged on a yoga mat in a Mexican jungle-based yoga studio.
Time spent meditating with the sweet, softly spoken priest who shared with me drops of holy water, scented flowers, incense, and offerings of traditional sweet rice cakes, while chanting mantras will stay with me. Less significant was the rub-down part lying on a massage table, it was the exchange of smiles and sense of connection.