More than half of MPs would support the introduction of “buffer zones” to stop protests outside abortion clinics, according
'To outright deny it as being sexual harassment and to assume you have a right to look at, comment on or touch a woman’s breasts is plain wrong.'
I remember my first time. I was in the science lab at school asking a male teacher a question, when I noticed his eyes momentarily
So what are we doing to ensure our kids are never even close to a point where anyone could suggest their behaviour is bordering on sexual harassment? Well, from day one we have strictly upheld the mantras of 'no means no' and 'my body, my rules'. Our three year old daughter regularly tells us she doesn't want a goodnight kiss.
YouGov conducted research for Channel 5 on the issue in late September (about three weeks before the Weinstein story broke). It reveals that the majority (52%) of 18-24 year old women say they have experienced sexual harassment in a public place in the last five years. Among British women of all ages the figure is 24%, with older women less likely to have been harassed than young women.
Number of those with regret has gone up since last month.
An increasing number of people regret Britain’s decision to leave the EU, an opinion poll has found. More respondents to
ClientEarth project highlights dangerous air pollution around schools.
Three quarters of parents in Britain wants to see extra measures put in place to protect children from air pollution. A poll
Eye-catching figures recently published by the Electoral Commission show not only that Labour, with its more than half a million members, generated £14.4million in membership fees in 2016 but that this was ten times more than the Tories managed. Hardly surprising perhaps when best guesses suggest Jeremy Corbyn's party has as many members as Theresa May's. But what more do we know about her dwindling band of foot soldiers - and how do those who belong to the Conservative Party compare to those who voted for it in 2017?