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Young bisexual people need acceptance and role models to look up to in order to realise that how they feel is totally okay. For now this is a largely misunderstood sexuality with many myths and misconceptions surrounding it, and that needs to change.
"Most of them are economic migrants." "We already spend billions of pounds on foreign aid." "The UK is full!!!! We can't
It'd be easier to pretend that I'm okay and to stay quiet until things are better but then I'm not sure how that's helpful for anyone because speaking out about mental illness needs to be a true picture, it can't just be telling people about the good days.
Nobody should ever have to feel singled out in life. That's the message I'm trying to get across. The response has been amazing. I've received messages from other young transgender teens saying that my video has inspired them to stand up to abuse and believe in themselves. I'm glad I've got a few Beliebers.
It's far too easy for Britons to sit on a plinth of privilege and cast a casual eye of disdain at those trying to force entry in to the country... But, the thing is, the migrants in Calais are not a gigantic welfare absorbing conspiracy intent on snatching jobs, damaging infrastructure and compelling Nigel Farage to feel awkward on his train commutes. These people are completely bereft of hope.
I think 20 is that age that really makes you realise you're an adult. 18, sure, you're legal, you can go out, clubbing, drinking... in the UK anyway. But at 18, you're still excused for, like "oh, she's only 18, she doesn't know any better!" whereas at 20, it's sort of more frowned upon when you do something that perhaps you should've grown out of...
As a bisexual young man living in London; somewhere I believe to be progressive on LGBT rights compared to the many other places in the world where people can be imprisoned for their sexuality; I find it increasingly hard to be open about my sexuality without explaining it in detail.
It's almost exactly five years since I graduated. When I look back, despite some excellent lectures, the university faces I remember most are not academics, but support staff. I'm sure that for a significant proportion of graduates it's the same. Support staff deserve their dues.
If Theresa May has her way, I'll be deported in two months - never mind the five years I spent earning two prestigious British degrees and the £70,000 I took out in loans... In the eyes of the home secretary, I'm an American cash cow to be put to pasture.
If you are rich and over 25 you really are living the dream thanks to Mr Osborne and his little red box. It's absolutely excellent to see restrictions being lifted on inheritance tax and your banker mates getting financially rewarded for taking ridiculous risks, life is good. So you are under 25? Oh, that is a bit more awkward, sorry about that!