young entrepreneur

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Aliança Empreendedora, the Brazilian member of Youth Business International which has supported 19,000 low income microentrepreneurs, we have compiled 10 arguments which deconstruct myths many people have about becoming an entrepreneur.
Phil Hakim, 27, started his business, GigPlug, with the aim of making the recruiting process better, and more fun. Users
Michael Venn, 22, started out as a young entrepreneur at the age of 12, when he reared chickens in Zambia and sold their
Joe Mathewson and Simon Hay had their business idea when they were still at studying for their GCSEs, working out a way to
Thomas Coppen, 26, saw his business career take off after being one of the first people in the country to win financial backing
Ben Towers began his business career at the age of 11, starting out as a young freelance web designer. By the age of 12, he
Bejay Mulenga, 20, went down a storm when he spoke about his journey as an entrepreneur at the Tory party conference in Birmingham
Ed Hardy, 17, was inspired by a love of skiing to go into business with his friend, Kit Logan, setting up an app that they
Timothy Armoo, 19, is truly a modern entrepreneur, having created a business off the back of the online video giant YouTube
29-year old Oisin Hanrahan got the idea for his business when he and his flatmate, Umang Dua, needed to find someone to help