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Phil Hakim, 27, started his business, GigPlug, with the aim of making the recruiting process better, and more fun. Users
James Hind, 27, decided to go into business after seeing how hard it was for people to choose the right car, unless they
Thomas Coppen, 26, saw his business career take off after being one of the first people in the country to win financial backing
Ben Towers began his business career at the age of 11, starting out as a young freelance web designer. By the age of 12, he
Timothy Armoo, 19, is truly a modern entrepreneur, having created a business off the back of the online video giant YouTube
Bertie Wilson, 21, got his big business idea while browsing for a good jacket online. Finding it annoying having to flit
University friends Tom Brooks and Peter Dowds decided last year to pack in their high-flying City careers to go into business
After having to decide between three Dragons fighting to invest in their luxury tea blend line "PHOM", things have taken
26-year old Darryl Adie is helping top retailers improve their online stores through his ecommerce agency, Ampersand Commerce
Ollie Forsyth has been through a lot, after being bullied at school for his dyslexia and told by his peers that he would