Young Entrepreneurs

Launching a new business always comes with challenges and in this difficult economic climate, a certain amount of uncertainty. There are a lot of incredibly talented young entrepreneurs out there nowadays, ideas flowing and brilliant businesses being setup. It can be a real challenge though, for anyone of any age, but, particularly when you're younger and less likely to have a successful track record in business, to get together the things you need to start on the front-foot.
If you had told me at the age of 15, when I was given a video camera for my birthday to film my friends rapping, that my passion for music would result in a successful business, then I wouldn't have believed you. Through hard work, great advice and a passion and vision that I stayed true to, SBTV has resulted in me meeting some of the biggest stars from different walks of life in the world and being made an MBE for my services to music.
Young entrepreneurs are the future of our country - they will be the ones that grow our economy and shape our society. Yet
The thing I hate most about this referendum is, well, everything. The personalities, the complex and contradictory arguments, all wrapped up into the most complicated political decision we have yet to make. How are we mere mortals meant to cope with it all? We built a website to help answer that exact question.
One fateful night sitting around with friends and a nice bottle of wine leads to one of those 'eureka' moments, that seeds a spiral of excitement and passion for your new business venture. Investment and capital flood in because, of course, your idea is brilliant and before you know it - you've turned over a million pounds.
Two years on from my original idea and I have now launched my business. I have one style of handbag in four different colours, waiting to enter someones life of memories and chapters. Though the basis of my business is about the design of my products, I aim to encourage other businesses to support our treasured craftspeople of the country.
All of the participants were constantly on edge. Overtired. Stressed. And often kept in isolation from the outside world with no access to books or newspapers in order to exacerbate our feelings of anxiety...
As a teenager, fashion-mad Phoebe Gormley spent her summers shadowing world-famous tailors in Savile Row and Jermyn Street
Remember that gung-ho teen who stopped you at the shopping centre for your signature on a petition or donation to a local cause? You might have just met tomorrow's millionaire entrepreneur.
Many young people find the idea of starting their own business to be so daunting that they never give it a go. The number of people slaving away, doing jobs that make them deeply unhappy, when they clearly have the talent and discipline to successfully follow a career path that they actually enjoy, is something that saddens me.