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I was devastated by my diagnosis, and the thought of the long battle ahead terrifies me. No university next year, no normal life, just intense chemotherapy and all of its side effects. But I know that I will fight and I will recover
Although I felt different after the surgery, I'm surprised at how normal my body feels. I genuinely did think I'd notice I have such a large part of me missing. But I guess when you compare it to the rest of your body, it's really not that bad. And when you come to think of it, I don't think anything is really that bad. Not when you're alive.
I'm slowly learning that crying and being upset are not a signs of weakness - they are simply emotions like any other. They are natural human reactions to difficult situations. Everyone has times when they are upset, when they cry, when they completely break down and sob into their pillow.
As a student, you are probably on a budget. And even weekends can be tight. But are you just going to let the months and years pass without going out there? Hell, no. Here are awesome travel tips while studying abroad.
I always say that finding out that I had tumours in my brain and spine (on the day of my school prom) was definitely the low point of my teenage years. But in a lot of ways, despite the fact that my eyesight and hearing have been seriously affected by the horrible treatment I've been through, cancer has changed my life for the better.
I'm not talking about one night stands and I'm not talking about a major porn-style session. I'm talking about the feeling of acceptance. From one person to another. Sex is something that brings two people together in a way like no other. And to have sex after surgery for a stoma is a big thing both mentally and emotionally.
Awareness of mental health is not the problem at large - seeing it as something separate from us is. Whilst daily stresses and strains are the subject of polite small talk, depression or our anxieties crosses into foreign, undisclosed territory.
If this summer you're heading away on holiday for the first time with your girlfriend, it's probably best you know these
I love sharing my story with everyone, whether it be daily on my Instagram or in longer pieces on my blog. But I think it's important for people to remember that I'm not a doctor, a nutritionist or a trained anything.
Being a postgrad isn't easy. Your friends are having their gap yahs, you're even more broke than you ever could have imagined