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In many ways 'millennial-talk' is hyperbole. Taken literally, if I believed everything that has been written about millennials - I shouldn't be writing this. My sense of entitlement would mean that I'd be resigning from my third job to launch a start-up that sells digital mindfulness from a semi-derelict storeroom...
I received a stark social media reminder that it was a year since I had graduated. Although Time Hop has always managed to
Young, well-educated professionals are the group most likely to fail to register to vote, according to new analysis of the
Gumtree notifications are my new best friend and my worst enemy. Before work, during lunch, when I get home in the evening, I spend my time scouring the pages for a flat within my budget and without scary photos attached. Anyone who has ever had to search for a flat in London knows just how excruciating it can be to find something suitable, safe and affordable.