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Heading to one of the many festivals abroad this year? Great decision - you've got a choice of a lot of different festivals out there. From the fashionable festival of Coachella (California, U.S), to the biggest electric dance music festival that is Tomorrowland (Boom, Belgium), to the bass vibes from Outlook Festival (Pula, Croatia), there's sure to be a line up perfect for you! Thinking about doing drugs though? Maybe you need to read this to see why that might not be the best idea...
But why do we want to impress each other on social media? Why post as many travel photos online as possible? What are the benefits of this 'lightening travel' that sees people going to 14 foreign towns in as many days?
But before the long-term growth and development of tourism in Brazil, airfares will see an initial drop giving budget travellers the chance to visit in style. Here are 8 tips on travelling to Rio on a budget after the 2016 Olympics.
Solo travel is definitely not just for 20-somethings - but there's no doubt this is the decade when people often catch the solo travel bug. Whether it's a traditional gap year or simply making the most of having fewer responsibilities, it's a great time to pack up and go.
By this point holidays are sounding a little stressful, and sipping a cocktail on a paradise beach loses its allure. Why risk such a huge amount of money? How do you know if you're fully covered?
This summer, I packed a bag and my passport. I boarded a train, then checked into a hotel. When I'd finished sprawling across the squishy bed, checking out the bathtub and playing around with the TV, I was ready to head out and explore this new place I'd travelled to...
Rome will always be an enigmatic and culturally treasured European city, but there are a number of reasons why 2015 is the year you should visit for the first time, and if you've already been, why it's time to go back...
One of the biggest downsides to being a student is three months of summer holiday and no cash to do anything with it, although
Heading to Croatia on your summer holiday this year? I've just returned from an amazing few weeks exploring Dubrovnik, Split and several islands in the Adriatic. Within 24 hours, I'd learned all of this..
Start off your day with breakfast at the Camellia Grill. You can sample the famous New Orleans sandwiches, the Po' Boy and the Muffaletta or try the delicious pancakes and omelettes. The people that work here will be sure to put a smile on your face, as they're always extremely friendly.