Face-down restraint was used more than 2,500 times on people under 18 in mental health units in 2014/15 - the last year from which records are available. Meanwhile, three separate United Nations reports have criticised the way that restraint is used on children and young people with mental health conditions in the UK.
Right now, there is a mental health crisis among children and young people in the UK. According to new polling by HuffPost
We need to make sure that young people get the best out of the online world, and we need to work together to develop innovative ways to promote good mental health.
My dad was good at introducing the subject matter of mental health without directly asking me to talk about it. He would speak to me generally about mental health in a way that was inviting but not intrusive, which was massively helpful in encouraging me to open up. Now today we are supporting each other through training for the London Marathon for Heads Together. As we encourage and motivate one another, guide our way through the difficult and hopefully fun times of training we will together cross the finish line once again.
The pressure on overall NHS budgets puts individual CCGs in a difficult position. But if the government is serious about prioritising children's mental health services, they need to ensure that there is far greater accountability over where the new money is going.
Men with depression or any other mental health conditions are not alone. There is a huge percentage of men out there like them, but who aren't talking about it! If you are amongst the huge number of men suffering a mental health problem, having the strength to confide in someone and acknowledge the problem may actually be the most courageous thing you can ever do. And saving a life- your life- really is heroic.
Why don't we Brits dance? More importantly, why don't our children dance? Yes, I know a few lucky children learn to street dance or go to flamenco lessons. Some of us may even have been inspired by Strictly to have a stab at ballroom dancing. And this is great. But most of us never dance.
Barely a day goes by without me reading or hearing something in the news about Mental Health, especially children's mental health.
Children and young people's mental health isn't exactly a sexy subject but I think its such an important cause that I am proud to front YoungMinds new campaign in association with fundraising platform Raffity. YoungMinds is the only children and young people's mental health charity.
An intensive course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) along with strong support from a close network of family and friends has helped me regain control of my life. It is clear now that if it were not for the persistent efforts of others, I would not be where I am today.
A positive wellbeing agenda within schools is not only good for pupil's health it is good for having content and happy pupils engaged in the curriculum. Sadly OFSTED no longer inspect for a pupil's wellbeing, instead focusing almost solely on academic performance.